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Related post: Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 23:26:32 -0400 From: Pete Marenga Subject: Paddle for Little Brother - Chapter 2Paddle for Little Brother - Chapter 2 _________________________________________________________________Copyright (c) 2003 by Pete MarengaPlease email me (Pete) at: dom6789hotmail.com <--(Pete's email address)Please mention, "Paddle story," (preferably in your Subject Line) so I will know what story you are writing about.Put at least the word, STORY in the SUBJECT LINE--please--or I'll probably end up deleting your email, thinking it's spam._______________________________________________________________MAKE AN ANONYMOUS DONATION TO NIFTY--KEEP OUR STORIES AVAILABLE _______________________________________________________________ OTHER STORIES by Pete:hot-younger-brother (incest) loving-boyz-blissful-torture (auth) spankin-younger-brother (incest/auth) watching-my-son (incest) ___________________________________________WARNINGThis story is for people of legal age, only. In many places, that means you have to be 18--at least--to read this. underage sexe picture If you don't want to read underage shaved teens about gay sex, then forbidden underage sites pick another story, and do not read, download, copy this story, or cause same to occur.Otherwise--qualified men and ladies--I hope you amatuer underage models read it, like it, top naked underage underage teenagers porn and enjoy the hell out of it. And if you do, please email me, and let me know. So far, I got a few really nice emails, but I need more to keep me writing. Thank you.dom6789hotmail.com <--(Pete's email address) ___________________APPETIZER-4-UQ: Why do you ask all the time--"Send email?" Email, email-- what the hell do you do with the emails? Why do you keep asking us to write to you?A: Because your email is a sign of life out there, of people who like the story, and are kind enough to take time to underage incest vids write. (THESE STORY SITES CANNOT PAY THEIR AUTHORS. underage tiny angels Also, they're not equipped to send me any information on how "well" my story is doing.) Your email is the only thing that lets me know you're reading my story and liking it.YOUR EMAIL is the only thing that ENCOURAGES jap underage ME TO KEEP WRITING-- knowing the story has become a sort of 'current event' out there, a thing that has life--because you wrote me and told me you liked it. Maybe you even said WHY you liked it or what particular thing really got you going. That would electrify me and make me start typing the next chapter.Without your emails we writers go crazy; naked models underage (ok, I don't know about "WE," but this is how *I* feel). We sniff and think no one likes our story anymore. Maybe no one is reading our story anymore. Our frail little hands droop, and can hardly beautiful asian underagegirl lift themselves, and we obsess with a sense of failure. Finally, just before the end, we lose faith in humanity, give away our fingering underage girl computers, and move to extreme rural West nudistunderage Virginia, and sit in front of our shack, holding a shotgun in one hand like a crutch--without a clue of what we're doing. Well, at least they have a good sense of family, over there.Q: So, what do you think of when you read the email I send?A: When kiddy underage child I read your emails, I try to imagine you talking with me in my living room, and try to imagine underage virgin cunts the pleasure you maybe got from reading that chapter, (no harm in writing after every chapter, if you liked it--even for the intellectual or literary pleasure, if any.) It makes me feel very thankful (and pumped) to hear about those things.Then I want to hug you for giving me some really good energy. When my inbox gets toward its storage limit, I delete the old ones to make room for the (I hope) new.Q: Is that why some stories tiny virgins underage just stop, without being finished-- the writer didn't get email, later in the story?A: underage fuck boys Yep. The email fizzles out, and so does the writer.Q: Are you close to fizzling out, now?A: No. On this and the Son story, so far, so good. Thank you. : - ) --Petedom6789hotmail.com________________________________________________________________CORRECTION TO CHAPTER ONESorry! Last time, somehow Chapter 1 got labeled 'Chapter 2.' That was a mistake. (I will correct Chapter 1 at a later time.) Chapter 2 is below. _____________________________________PADDLE FOR LITTLE BROTHER - CHAPTER 2 by Pete Marenga dom6789hotmail.com "Make me obey you," Brian said, his voice weak, "Make me." ______ I wondered if I'd heard right. Then again, Brian could be weird at the oddest times."Ok, illegal underage boy keep kissing down there, but take your hand off my dick," I said with a rough-edged thai underage tone. Being so horny, I really youngest underage girls didn't want him to take his hand OFF, just then, but I had to get us out of the shower. I'd make him put his hand there, later."Yes, sir."My determined, horny brother strayed from my feet and began kissing my ankles, then making his way upward.I directed the shower spray so it hit Brian right on the line separating his tight little thirteen-year-old butt cheeks. That made him stop his kissing routine."You still have 6 whacks to go," I said, testing him. There was a strange silence."Yes, Tony--SIR!" Brian said, having learned his lesson of what NOT to say from the last time we talked about whacks."Why do you want to be made to OBEY me, Brian?" I asked, honestly wanting to hear his reasoning."I--I don't know.""You gotta know SOMETHING. Did you say that with totally no meaning?""I think of you spanking me sometimes.""Because dad doesn't do it?""I don't know. underage nudes Yeah, I guess," Brian said, sounding like he was beginning to enjoy the splash of the shower on his butt crack."Put your ass in the air, Brian."As Brian complied, I went around behind cp underage shocking him, knelt at his exposed little butt, and soaped underage lesbians pics it well. I email nude underage took a corner of the huge bar of soap, and pressed it gently against my brother's little bunghole."Ahhh, ohh, ohh!""See, slave brother? underage bbs biz THAT'S part underage models forum of the reward you'll underage teen nudes get if you obey me the underage children sex way I want you to," I said, candid underage bikini bouncing the soap against his cute hole, and wondering if he had any clue about things that could go inside, there."Oh! Oh! Oh!"As I leaned to the side to get my body out of the way, the fresh shower water rinsed Brian's butt--with a little help from my fingers rubbing the area beautiful underage tits underage little porn over and over."OHHH!""Now stand up and shut the water off. Dry us both off. Me first. Got that, Brian?" I was glad Brian liked what I'd just done to him, but with the glazed look in his eyes, I knew underage topless movie it sweet underage pussy was a struggle for him to shift gears so quickly and obey my commands."Yes, sir," he said, with the biggest hardon I'd seen on him.Walking to my room, I swedish underage porno felt my dick bounce and get harder underage nudity picsfree with each step I took."Sit underage sex topsites on the bed, boyslave, and look at my dick!"As Brian did so, he seemed to be drooling."Lick it! Lick it good!""Yes, sir," the little squirt said, and he stuck his tongue out as far as it would go, pressed it against the underside of my hungry big-brother cock, and licked hard."Ah, top underage paysites fuck yeah!" My little brother was blowing my fuses with the way he was licking my cock! I didn't want him to really suck me, because I didn't want this fast-moving moment to be Brian's first real oral experience. I was saving that for later."You like it, Tony? I mean, sir?" Brian risked asking."Yeah, I sex underage girls liked it, but stop for now. Did you like putting your little tongue on your big brother's dick?""Yes, sir.""Did you like it a soft pics underage lot, Brian?" darkcollection underage underage video teen I gave him permission to call me Tony, just this once."Tony, yeah--I liked it a whole lot.""Good. Now I'm going to bend you over this chair like a little boy, and give underage nonnude angels you the six smacks with the belt you still have coming, because you've been a bad boy.""Yes, sir," Brian said uncertainly."And I'm going to give them hard as hell, too," I said, as I tied his little-brother body to the chair, so his butt was sticking up at me."When underage black I get done, your ass will be really sore. And LOOK AT ME during and after your punishment.""Yes, sir." Brian said this very meekly.I looked at him for a while--beautiful Brian with the incredible, smooth skin. I loved how he looked, tied up and helpless--and knowing he was going to get it. I let go with the strap.As Brian heard the whoosh of the strap, his body tightened, guestbook porn underage and he inhaled sharply, with a hiss."SSSWWRRRRRRRRAAPPPPP!""Aaaahhrrrgghhhhhh!" Brian lifted his head, but it was hard for him to obey my order that he had to keep looking at me."SSMMAACCKKKKK!!""OWWWW!""I'm gonna save the rest of the torture for later.""T-torture?""Yeah, Brian. Oh, don't worry, slaveboy--it's not going to be like the Middle Ages, or anything--I'm just going to slowly swing the strap and smack my way up and underaged naked models down each of your nice, little legs. I might even EXTEND your punishment by a few whacks. I'll hit your cute butt, too, of course."Brian was a lump of hot, sensual, sweating thirteen-year-old boyflesh, trying bravely yong underage girls and desperately not to cry, but unable to suppress a few heaves and tears. underagenude pictures I could tell he was trying to impress me. He was amazing. I would not have done as well under the strap. I untied him."Get on the bed, face down, and put your butt in the air again.""Yes, sir."Brian cooperated well, fully untied and free to move around."Tony--you think my butt underage pervert sites is cute? Sir! I mean."I thought his little butt was adorable. My baby brother had taken me by surprise, though."Maybe I do--and maybe I'm just kidding," I said. But what I had in mind would probably give away my secret, and let him know how cute I thought it was.I slid my fingers back and forth across his striped butt. Even the welted skin was smooth, but raised up, and hot as hell."Ahhh," Brian said, underage nudistss pics enjoying the feel of my fingers against his little butt, as well as reacting sexy underage nudes to a little pain."Did you like it?" I said, testing him."Tony--sir, I like everything you do to me.""Oh--you remember you promised that?!""Yes, sir.""Did you really like it?""Yes.""WHAT?""Yes, sir.""What did you like?""The spanking and the other things, sir.""This, TOO?" I said, slapping underage nude gallery smartly, on top of a red area."Ow! Ah! Yes . . . sir!I put my lips to my little brother's butt and tongued the hot stripes. Slowly, carefully, I followed the contours of the marks, left and right--starting at the small of his back, and going lower after I thoroughly soaked each red stripe. I nibbled gently on the white skin in between. Then, I put my lips loosely on the main part of each cheek, and skimmed over the whole, sensual, hairless surface in widening circles."Oh, oh, yeah, uhhhhhhh!" Brian moaned.My hands spread his little cheeks as my tongue began again at the top of his butt-valley. I slid my tongue down slowly, flicking like a snake as I got close to his tight bunghole."Ah! AH! Oh, God!" Brian said as he squirmed boyishly.I gently pressed the pics underage girls side of my tongue against his very hot, tempting, mini-opening, and exhaled, sending underage nympho sex a blast of warm air over many sensitive areas, there."OHH!" Brian was forbidden underage pics fast getting out of underage nude latino breath.I let the tip of my tongue go around and around, right on top of the little hole, occasionally flicking forcefully, making him jump. Finally, I thrust my head forward, and managed to get two inches of tongue jammed up inside my little brother's body."AHHHHH! OOOHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Brian moaned and squirmed.I gave him a few slaps on the butt with my hands, and even without seeing I could tell my little brother enjoyed the sudden erotic hand-spanking. Then, my hand went to his dick, wet with precum.I got a really good idea what to do to him when I felt the heat and hardness of his hungry, thirteen-year-old cock. I pushed my face off Brian's butt, causing him to moan in disappointment."Don't move," I said, as I busied myself making a little scaffold out of his chin bar and weight setup.It didn't take long, and soon I had my brother firmly and nicely spread-eagled--tied to the bars behind him.The sun glimmered off his naked golden skin, and his half-pouting red lips, sparkling eyes, underaged model boys white teeth, and wet hard penis looked like something from an ancient mythical image. His fast, shallow breathing and the little high, boyish sounds he made with each breath--coupled with the desperate, helpless look in his innocent blue eyes--had me throbbing from head to toe. Even his fingers and little toes seemed to have a underage gays nudes sensual glow.In that moment, my brother became a mini-god to me. He was the ideal boy-face and body; the next young teen idol. I resolved then and there that I wouldn't let this stop me from teenage porn underage paddling him, but Brian and his Hollywood boy-looks were sure doing things to my cock, my head, and my heart.I wasn't seeing him as just a brother anymore. Instead of half underage euro boys looking at him, taking him for granted, half underage toplis paying attention to him--I was seeing him as he really was, for the first time. In other words, my eyes were opened. Brian boundage underage was truly gorgeous.I started to pace the room to hide my shaking legs. I decided the so-called torture would now be totally different from the one I had promised him. But I knew, from reading on the web, it would be underage girls naked the best torture--no marks, no pain, and no real exertion on my part.I was imitating some things I'd seen on a web site, and decided to use a rope and small weight, to pull Brian's balls down, a little--not sexy underage to hurt his balls, but to put him just on the edge of some very minor pain--something that might scare him a bit, and not really hurt."How do you like THIS, slaveboy?" I said as I let go of the weight I'd secured to my brother's hairless balls."Uhhh, oh yeah, underage portal child it's . . . it feels so good!"I tugged my own balls to see if it really felt good."Well, it won't when I underage girl butts add more weight," I said, just for effect. I had no intention of adding more weight. The weight I chose had pulled his underage japanese balls down just the right amount, I thought."Yes, sir."But pulling down Brian's balls had solved one problem--it changed the underage none nude angle of his hardon from sticking totally up, to jutting straight out from his body. My little brother's surprisingly big, four inch erection looked so hot underage beautiful--and was in sexunderagewalked the perfect position for what I had in mind.I knelt and stared up at him--his face already looking as if he were suffering, despite the weak smile on his face. I couldn't take my eyes off my brother's 13yo underage sex dick. My mouth made the perfect 'O' shape, as I leaned forward and hungrily took the hot tip of Brian's boner into my mouth."Aaahhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssshhhhhhhh!" Brian hissed. I knew he'd like that.I was so excited at doing this, and my baby brother tasted so good, the saliva flowed in my mouth. I teen sex underaged let my tongue slowly revolve around the hot quivering flesh of his thirteen-year-old cockhead. Then, returning my tongue to the underside, I squeezed his spongy speartip with a firm, upward motion, pinning his throbbing hardness between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I tasted a flood of delicious, salty precum."Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh!"Brian tried to thrust his body forward, trying to push more than the tip of his penis into my mouth.I backed up in time to frustrate his efforts. My next small underage porno plan was to suck his balls, while using my fingers to excite his little back entrance, without really entering him.Slowly, I brought my mouth to his tense ball sack, and let my tongue and lips do the work. I could see my baby brother's excited prick--pulsating and jumping at each move and flick of my tongue."Ohhhhh, oh God!" Brian managed to moan. underage child cuties His body was in constant motion, twisting and squirming so enticingly, he had me ready to cum.I put my com underage girls fingers over his hot little hole, letting them underground underage pussy strum back and forth over the tight, anxious thing. I got up suddenly."NO! Don't stop!"I stood on a chair, and placed my dripping hot cock at my little brother's lips.I was pleasantly amazed to see Brian's head slide hungrily forward as he opened his mouth--as if he'd been waiting anxiously to suck his big brother's hard dick."No teeth, and underage porn portal keep some tongue-pressure on it." My body jolted with electric pleasure."Mmm," Brian said, unable to talk."Oh, God, boy! Feels so good."My brother's tongue was like liquid fire underage video as he wrapped it around my cock. His mouth tightened slightly and began its welcome back and forth journey over the most sensitive part of me. Brian was taking most of my length, and doing incredible things to me."Ohhrrgghh, ahhhhghhh! Yeah!" I moaned."Mmm,' Brian responded, the sudden vibrations on my dick taking me to the edge.I pulled out and began to stroke. My first underage love gallery shots hit Brian's shoulder and neck, as my body tensed."AHHHH! underage flash porn UHH! UHHHHHH!" It felt like I was cumming from my knees.Then, I aimed a little higher and got his cheek. Stepping off the chair, I sprayed his chest before hitting bottom on my climax. I leaned into him for support, with my head on his cum-coated chest. I was weak from responsible underage drinking orgasm. My cum was now mixing with my hair, my ear, my lips. It tasted great to me, and I licked some of it off my brother's hairless chest, and thrilled to the sound of his rapid heartbeat.You would have thought HE had cum."Oh, yeah," I said underage models kid breathlessly, "Oh, yeah!"As I looked up, Brian dropped his jaw, and I took that as an invitation, and kissed him, making sure our tongues played with the cum that was still in my mouth.Then, I climbed back up on the chair, and again put my dick into his mouth. It felt so different, now that I'd cum. I underage girls bbs watched as his hot little boy-cock did an erotic dance, signaling its desire for some brotherly attention. He sucked me nicely, and I could tell he was licking up my boy juices.I knew I made him hot, but from the looks of him he was REALLY hot. I was in awe of the asian underage movies dark red flush in Brian's face."Mmm, yeah! That's it boy!" I said, "I'm glad you like brunette underage slut your brother's cum," I said with love in my voice. Yes, I wanted to paddle my brother more, and give him more of the strap, maybe underage smoking laws the cane--but that was for punishment. underage nude foto That didn't mean that I hated him, teens underage pictures and it controversial underage nudity didn't mean I wanted to treat him like trash, either.Brian was so desperate he was fucking the air with his hips, in frantic, reckless thrusts.I got down from the chair to get a better look at him.I felt bad that he'd given me his first blow job, and I hadn't said much. I leaned down and russion underage porn kissed him. "That was a underage yo toplist great blow job, Brian. I won't forget it, ever."Brian looked up at me with his innocent eyes and a huge smile. He didn't have to say anything. I knew he'd liked sucking me.I started licking the precum off his balls, and worked my way up to his hot, thirteen-year-old dick. I flicked my tongue toppless underage girls like a snake, at the base of his little tower."OH, GODDDddddddd!" Brian shuddered, his legs giving out, putting stress on the ropes that tied his arms in place.I put my alex underage porn mouth over his throbbing pecker--which looked as if it had reached the stage of a painful erection--and barely let the insides of my mouth touch any part of his dick. Then I flicked my tongue, here and there. His hot boycock danced in my mouth.Brian made squeaking sounds that were barely within the range of human hearing. He was unable to actually talk from the pleasure and desperation he experienced--made worse by what I was doing to him."Ooouuurrghhhh, oorrrrph, eeeeeeeee!""That's it, little brother--little sexy boy, just relax," I said, sliding off his cock for just a moment, and knowing full well he couldn't relax, actually.I put the crowning touches on my brother by fingering his tight balls with a feather touch. My mouth, sliding back down his hot shaft, heightened Brian's underage models free pubescent, sexual frenzy."Ohhhh, oooooohhh, sexy underage cams pleeeeezzzzzzzzahhrrph!"I stayed on my knees, slid my mouth off his trembling little brothercock, and looked up at him."No, don't stop," he said weakly but desperately.I chose that moment to stand."No--Tony, sir, please--NO!" Brian said loudly, realizing by my standing position that his pleasure was stopping.I gave Brian a wicked smile, then left russian girls underage the room, closing the door.I heard his screams as I went down the hallway."NOOOoooooooooooooooooo! Oh, GOD! You can't DO this! teen underage pictures Unnnngh!"I got an ice-cream bar from the refrigerator and sat down in the kitchen to eat it, but Brian's sexy shouts and pitiful pleas got to me. As I opened the bedroom door, Brian audibly sucked in a breath."Sorry, sir," he said, fearful of some unspoken consequence, and suddenly suppressing his cries of frustration.I took the frozen ice-cream bar, took another bite, and rubbed it against his cute little nuts, and up his wet, hard, baby-brother boner. It bounced, all by itself."AHH! OHH! OH!" he shouted from the extreme cold. A underage pictures tgp little smile underage naked teen came through, though.I put the bar flat on his balls, where I knew the cold would be really uncomfortable."OH! OH! JEEZ! NO!"Then, I worked his dick over with it, first the top, then the underside. I'm sure my hot mouth on his cold penis was a shocking contrast to the little guy."Aaarrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"I stood up slowly and ate the rest of my ice cream, while Brian whimpered sensually.I knelt down again, and began to stroke his hungry cock in a new way. I took just the base of it with one hand, and stroked it gently, giving not-quite-enough pleasureful feeling to his dick, and frustrating my hot thirteen-year-old brother. With my other hand, I lightly fingered his balls."Ahhh, ah, ah, uhh," Brian moaned. I guess with his dick being so sensitive, my base-stroking was giving him more feeling than I'd thought."Yeah, come on, little baby bro! You only get two minutes to make that thing cum, then I'm going to stop--so come girls underage naked on," I said to Brian, teasing him with my open mouth inches from his innocent little love-tool, as his first shot of boy-juice bridged the gap between us, and stung the back of my throat. ______ I know it's monotonous, but I'll keep posting this notice at the end of a chapter--hoping you'll all write me a note. :-) WRYTE A NOWT! PLEEZE. (You can even call me 'Petey' if you really must.) --Thanks, Pete.dom6789hotmail.com underage home xxx <--(Petey's email address)
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